Someday it’ll work out💞

We’ve been through difficult relationships none can deny😌

We’ve been in relationships where we once put in too much effort and were taken for granted😧


I need to you believe that someday things will work out😚

Someday,someone will love every inch of you🙋

The laughter you know that isn’t so cute..

The boring conversations you force on people at times..

The curious you who always wants to find out the very tiny details about things..

The stupid you who laughs at anything even the dryest of jokes😮(Niliskia zinaitwa uncle jokes😂 )


Someone will kiss all the pain you have hidden away and tell you how beautiful it all is💕

Someday someone will say “I love all of you”

Not just the parts that make sense😌

Not just the parts that you have shown me..

He/She will love all the parts of you that he/she doesn’t even understand😌

The parts that weigh on your shoulders😮

The parts he/she only notices when he/she steals a glance at you😚

When this happens I’ll need you to believe that fairytales weren’t written for princesses in glass shoes..

That they were written for people who have collected all the pieces of a broken heart and can’t stand to put it together😌

But most of all I’ll need you to believe that these fairytales were written for you💕

Someday someone will come to you with a happily ever after promise and slide it over your finger💞

Someday you’ll realize you’re not the lucky one,

You’re the deserving one🙋

Someday you will take someone’s breath away😍

Someday you will realize just how stunning you really are,

And you will fall to your knees just like you’ve done before😚

I believe in love💕

And my someday has reached😍

Dear you who’s reading this,

I hope you’ll find your someday soon enough💕

And when you do💕

It’ll be like a fire that just can’t be put off😚🔥💍

Self love always💞

When we were younger we believed in magic😌Now we are older,we fear love😧

At what point did we forget that they are one and the same thing???

See,baby girl or dear boy reading this..

Your value will never decrease based on another’s inability to see your worth…

With time, I’ve learnt that we often lower our standards due to loneliness only for us to realise that being with the wrong person is actually loneliest😮(how sad?🚮)

Every sad song always has it’s ending.

So how about you stop chasing the same person who broke your heart hoping that he/she would be the one to find peace and greet yourself at your own door💕

(That person you look at in the mirror and see is the person whose loved you most your entire life💞)

Don’t lose her/him by trying to be compatible with temporary people😙

That’s it for now😌💞

Stay blessed loves 😌